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Chris James 


Bringing Learning To Life

Welcome to Bordon Junior School, where every child can be happy and successful. We know every child is unique and we value the energy and enthusiasm they bring to our community of learners. It is the school’s responsibility to help each child in our care explore their interests. We are proud of how they grow in confidence and develop the resilience to face the challenges ahead of them.


Together we create a safe and secure environment in which children can develop as people. Our curriculum is carefully planned to develop self-esteem and allow children to go on to secondary school not only with the knowledge and skills they need, but also as independent and motivated learners who can make the most of every opportunity.


A broad curriculum enables our children to succeed in a wide range of areas. We have many sports teams and after school clubs for children to enjoy and there are many opportunities for them to compete and experience success. Children are encouraged to play a variety of instruments and our choir is well known in the area for its excellent performances. Specialist teachers enable children to achieve well in the arts and there are many opportunities to work with local artists and engage in community projects, and the science days are simply spectacular.


We provide regular updates to our parents on the progress of their children and there are many opportunities to discuss the children’s work and celebrate their successes. Working in partnership is so important to us and if there is anything you would like to find out more about do get in touch.  Please feel free to contact the school with any queries or come in and I will be happy to help.

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Getting You to the Next Level

  • To ensure that children have first hand experience so that sound learning can take place.

  • To protect and nurture children’s natural curiosity, enthusiasm and interest.

  • To stimulate children by using our own designed curriculum. This makes good use of our locality and supports areas of learning by visiting places of interest.

  • To foster children’s growing independence by giving them opportunities to plan and execute their own work, but also to encourage them to support and learn from each other.

  • To encourage high standards and levels of presentation, but also to acknowledge that, at times, thought and retention are more important.

  • To ensure that our classrooms are stimulating places of warmth and care, where curiosity is aroused and children are completely immersed in their learning.

  • To develop an effective and friendly partnership with parents.

  • To acknowledge and celebrate children’s achievements and to ensure that they feel valued by respecting their contributions and views.

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