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What is Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader is a website used by teachers and parents to improve or "accelerate" children’s reading skills. We use Accelerated Reader in and out of school. All children have their own passwords and usernames which give them access to book quizzes. 

How can I find books suitable for my child?

Your child has been given a reading colour and a ZPD range. The colour relates to books in the school library and children are encouraged to use this facility as much as possible.

The ZPD range is a decimal point number range which is used by Accelerated Reader to help you and your child find books appropriate for their reading attainment. You can use this ZPD range on the arbookfind website to help you find appropriate books. Here is a video showing you how to do this:

How does my child log in to accelerated reader from home?

Each child in the school has a username and password to access accelerated reader. The children have been given their usernames and their passwords are the same as their times tables Rockstar passwords.

What happens after my child has read a book?

After reading a book, children are encouraged to take an online quiz to help them understand the text and to enhance their comprehension skills. These quizzes are available through their own logins. Here is a video showing you how your child will take a quiz:

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