Hi everyone,


I hope you are all well.

Here is where you will find the History and Geography lessons for all Year groups. 

We are all on History at the moment. Years 3 and 4 are studying Ancient Egypt, Year 5 are about to start a new topic - The Impact of War, looking at World Wars One and Two. Year 6 are studying the Mayan Civilisation.


Any research you can do about your topics will be great. BBC History is always a good place to start.

To keep up your Geography - go onto Toporopa which we have used at school and see if you can still do the challenges.

If you have your History/ Geography book - great - if not, just use paper and collect any work into a folder if possible. 

When you've done a piece of written work based on one of my lessons - you can email it to me on my school email. Check the spelling of key words before you send it!!


I'll also be putting up some Singing Assembly videos on our Bordon Junior School YouTube channel, so have an occasional break for some singing and don't forget to do the actions too. You can teach the songs to your family members as well.


With best wishes to you and your families,

Mr. Boll

History and Geography

Year 3 and 4


Dear everyone,


Here is your first online Ancient Egypt lesson. 

In this lesson we are learning how to mummify a body!


You will see inside the embalmer's building and hear from me about the mummification process. Then you will complete an online challenge on the BBC History website.

Here is the link:


After that, you will consolidate your understanding by creating a list of instructions to tell someone else how to mummify a body, making sure everything is done in the right order so the dead person can make it to the afterlife. 


Good luck!


Year 5

Hi everyone,

This is the first lesson of our new topic - The Impact of War.

We will be looking at both the major wars of the twentieth century, World War One - 1914-1918 and World war Two - 1939-1945. This first lesson is about the causes of World war One.

Here are some websites you could look at for research while we are doing this topic:


Here some books to read (if you can get them safely):

  • Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian (also a really good film)

  • Past in Pictures: A Photographic View of World War One by Alex Woolf

  • The Machine Gunners by Robert Westall

  • Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden

  • The Skylarks’ War by Hilary McKay

  • Wave by Paul Dowswell

  • Women in World War II by Martin Parsons (The History Detective Investigates)

  • Evacuation in World War II by Martin Parsons (The History Detective Investigates)

  • Rationing in World War II by Martin Parsons (The History Detective Investigates)

Lesson 1

Hi everyone,


Here is our first Year 6 History lesson on the Mayan Civilisation.

Lesson one is an introduction to the Mayans and a discussion on what were their main achievements. You are going to decide what a good introductory video about the Mayans should contain. Then you are going to watch one and decide whether they did a good job.

Best wishes,

Mr. Boll

Year 6

Lesson 1

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