Bordon Junior School is an academy within the University of Chichester Multi-Academy Trust.

The governance within the University of Chichester Multi-Academy trust is undertaken by members, trustees (sometimes called Directors) and governors of individual academies. This structure provides strong corporate governance ensuring the best education for our pupils.

Our Governance Structure


Trustees delegate significant governance functions to local governing bodies, as set out in the Scheme of Delegation. The Local Governing Body has a strong focus on core strategic functions:
1.      Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
2.      Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the academy and its pupils
3.      Overseeing the financial performance of the academy and making sure its money is well spent
School governors play an important role in ensuring the smooth and effective running of the school. They provide a local perspective so that every child has the opportunity to be happy and successful.
It is a rewarding voluntary role which gives an insight in the workings of the school and an understanding of the education system more generally. There are many opportunities to develop skills in a range of areas and be involved in strategic decision-making. Full training and induction support is provided for all governors.  If you are interested in supporting the school as a member of the local governing body please contact the Headteacher.



Head Teacher

I have been here at Bordon Junior School for 6 years. I believe our school is a place where every child can be happy and successful. Every child is unique and brings a range of interests and enthusiasm to our community of learners. It is the school’s responsibility to help each child in our care explore these interests and not only develop the knowledge and skills they need, but also grow as independent and motivated learners who can make the most of every opportunity.



Chair of Governors



Vice Chair
Local Authority

I first became involved at Bordon Juniors as a pupil in the mid fifties with the inspirational head Master Ken Woodward, the building is now Barbados House. I qualified at the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors  and retired in 2013, following a successful career in surveying and facilities management for national and  international companies. 
My grandson attended BJS and I was invited to meet to meet the Head teacher Chris James with the possibility of becoming a governor to advise on Health and Safety and building maintenance matters. I noticed the same inspirational leadership in Chris as I had seen with Ken Woodward and I have supported him and his dedicated team of staff for five years now and look forward to assisting BJS to become the most prominent school in the area.




I am passionate about learning new things and making sure all the children in Bordon Junior School are happy. I believe we must create an environment which nurtures independence and the opportunity to learn on all fronts. We must also encourage our pupils to seek more and leverage valuable partnerships throughout the school and beyond. We must also demonstrate high standards in everything we do - Bringing Learning To Life.

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Ellie Boyd


I consider myself very privileged to be a part of Bordon Junior School, not only as a governor but as a Year 3 teacher. It is very rewarding to be part of ensuring that all children who attend our school receive the best opportunities and education possible. Being a governor (and indeed a teacher) is very rewarding, and I love seeing the children thrive and flourish, knowing that in some way I have been a part of that.
The school is a great place to work because it has every child's best interests at heart, and every member of staff want what is best for each and every one of them and see them grow into wonderful young people who fulfill their potential and embrace learning.

My day job is Unit Commander; NATO Oakhanger. My wife is an LSA and school librarian. My eldest daughter is at Oakmoor after a successful SATS year at the school and my youngest daughter attends Bordon Junior.
Bordon Junior school is where we learn many of life's important traits, communicating with others, sharing and being part of a team. I fully recognise the importance of educating the whole child to the highest possible standards and as such i am proud of the extra-curricular opportunities offered to every child at the school. I believe it is our responsibility as parents to give our children the best possible start to life.
I enjoy the challenge of the role and working with a number of dedicated teachers and staff at the school.