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Staying safe online

The first and most important step is to educate children from an early age about the responsibilities and being risk aware online; discussing appropriate use, personal responsibility, how to spot risks and what action to take. The level of discussion needed will vary according to age; however, topics should be regularly re-visited and adapted throughout your child’s life to ensure consistent messages.

This information is intended to inform and support parents to develop a relationship with their child regarding access and use of the internet; communication is the key to ensuring they remain safe, responsible and reassured that they can come to you if they are worried or things go wrong.

All of these sites below have activities, resources and information to help children to stay safe online. They contain valuable information for parents.

Please note that although these websites are safe, there may be links on them that may lead away from the website itself. Please exercise care, as always.

Please click on the following websites for more information, online resources and activities to help children stay safe online.

E-safety newsletters

We publish monthly e-safety newsletters. 





Gaming Devices     


Social Media Websites

Please remember most social media sites have age restrictions, for example nobody under 13 years of age should have a Facebook account. Although our infant school aged children are unlikely to use social networking, you may use a number of the following websites yourself, on devices which your children have access to, so you may find the following information helpful.      

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