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SEND and Inclusion

Every child has the right to be successful

Children are all different and it is not unusual for a child to need additional support at some point during their junior years. There is a range of support that we can offer to our pupils and families.

·        Developing social skills

·        Developing positive friendships

·        Overcoming academic challenges

·        Improving self esteem

·        Promoting well-being

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Who is the FSA?

Sheena, our FSA, is school-based and works directly with parents to ensure the best possible outcomes for children by providing access to information and support.

She helps parents by offering friendly, non-judgmental support for a range of issues such as: poor attendance, behaviour concerns, family issues such as bereavement, separation, lone parenting etc.

Meeting with Sheena can give you an opportunity to talk through any issues and concerns you have with your child.

Sheena West

Family Support Adviser (FSA)

Bordon Junior School

Budds Lane, Bordon GU35 0JB

01420 472145 or 07895025930

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Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you are concerned or feel that your child would benefit from an intervention for a particular need.

Ellie Boyd
Bordon Junior School
Budds Lane
GU35 0JB
01420 472145

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