Welcome to Year 6!

"In Year Six we have amazing opportunities and interesting lessons. Earlier in the year, we went to PGL and participated in a variety of exciting activities, such as Jacob’s Ladder and Raft Building.

In our lessons we learn about a wide range of topics. So far we have learnt how to write a hooking narrative, how to find out the answer to a question using a specific formula, how to calculate the area and perimeter of shapes and how to clearly write a set of instructions. We have also learnt much more in Maths and English. In subjects like RE and History and Geography, we have discovered all about the Ancient Greeks and have written intriguing fact files on different volcanoes like Mount Helena and Krakatoa. In RE we have learnt about the Sikhs to the Aboriginals. We have compared the Aboriginal and Muslim creation stories and looked into The Five Ks of the Sikh religion. At the beginning of the year, we created posters about stewardship and how we can protect our Earth.

In PE we have learnt many different sports, these include: Lacrosse, Basketball, Tennis and Hockey. CM Sports make these lessons fun and interesting. They teach us skills and how to improve. One of the Year Six teachers, Mr Boll, taught us more Basketball and Tennis. He, too, taught us different skills, how to improve and different techniques.

We are incredibly lucky to have teachers like Miss Smith, Ms Tierney and Mr Boll. We also have brilliant Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Jackson, Mrs Barnfather and Mrs Brunsdon. I am sure we will all miss Bordon Juniors when it comes to July for our school is truly wonderful."

Admin Officer : Lou Gubby

Headteacher : Chris James

SENCO : Vicky Lodder

Telephone: 01420 472145
E-mail: admin@bordon-junior.hants.sch.uk

Bordon Junior School,

Budds Lane, Bordon

GU35 0JB